We enter the Palazzo Saluzzo dei Rolli through an opal green wooden door and find ourselves in the light-flooded atrium. Next to the impressive columns, a nymphaeum captures our gaze. We climb the monumental loggia staircase into the Piano Nobile and are captivated by this special place, whose history dates back to the 15th century. The rooms still contain the original frescoes and are furnished with original decorations by the most important Mannerist and Genoese Baroque authors. Where once high personalities resided on state visits to the Republic of Genoa, today it is an incomparable place for Andrea's works. The spirit of history wafts through these rooms and invites all visitors on an atmospheric journey in which past and present are inimitably combined.


The title of the exhibition "Etere caleidoscopico: un viaggio astratto nelle emozioni", describes exactly what Andrea Langensiepen achieves with her art: to evoke emotions in us to experience them ourselves while she creates her works.

She takes us into unknown and unexplored territory, where emotions connect with art. Her works appear like open windows into the inner world, like a composition of moods, feelings and thoughts captured and made tangible through shapes and colors, reflecting the constant flow of human experience.

All her works are like a story that invites us to immerse ourselves, to contemplate and reflect. Curated by the well-known curator Loredana Trestin.

In addition to associations, colors also trigger sensations and feelings. How we react to colors is very individual and is based on our cultural experiences, which can be very different. In different cultures, there are sometimes completely different associations and interpretations of colors. This means that a color, a hue, can evoke not just a single reaction, but a multitude of moods, thoughts and feelings. For this reason alone, the journey through this exhibition is a highly subjective and individual one, which in turn connects us again and again through the impressions we gather and our feelings, through our questions to the artist, the works and to ourselves.

In this work, we experience the classic effect of the color red on our emotions. What might this bright red mean? Is it passion? Or rebellion? Could it be a statement about a particular situation? 

Red represents both physical and mental activity as well as the vitality of the heart. The contrasts in these colors are stunning, and small brushstrokes serve to calibrate the entire composition, in my opinion.


Gold stands for preciousness, for a deep connection - Andrea's passion and love are reflected in this extremely valuable work. The colors and nuances, which range from fuchsia to pink, symbolize change, even in thought. It is undeniable that we live in a time when we have to change our thinking, perhaps even involuntarily.

Andrea accurately reflects current social change.

In this work, it is as if we are witnessing a cascade of petals, something uncontrollable. There is a breeze, something that carries the flowers: What does this wind represent to us? Is it the physical wind that surrounds us? The flow of air can also be a form of thought, because it never stands still, is always active and in flux, sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful. The artist is also a seeker, always on the move. This deepens the themes that appear vividly in her works.

The artist has a deep connection to nature and the environment. This is evident in these large works, which are dominated by varied shades of green and a range of other color nuances that impressively depict the Austrian landscape. On closer inspection of these works, one notices small, colorful spots. Are these representations of emotions or of a physical environment? These ideas do not have to be mutually exclusive, because Andrea manages to combine both aspects in an excellent way. I notice a hint of impressionism in Andrea's gestural technique.


Impressionism, as you know, immediately captivates the eye, the mind and the heart. The artist also knows how to address all three attributes in her works in an unparalleled way. 

As an Austrian artist exhibiting her art here in Genoa, Andrea also provides an opportunity for cultural exchange. In our society, it is crucial to discuss different cultures and their differences and similarities, especially in these complex times in Europe, where these issues are at the center of politics and society.

"Ethereal Kaleidoscope: An Abstract Journey into Emotions" is an exhibition that allows visitors to immerse themselves in an extraordinary and captivating artistic experience. The works on display are an invitation to us all to immerse ourselves in a world of unexpected sensations and images.

Loredana Trestin
Genoa, October 2023

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