Sonja Dolzer, November 2021

In complete innocence, Chloe and Psyche rest on the shore of the shimmering anthracite lake. The crystalline ice coats the perfectly fitting corsets of the protagonists and paints a sensual picture of the heart's friends. Ice crystals, which resemble masterfully cut diamonds, sparkle uniquely expressive. The filigree formations in white glitter breathtakingly and enchant with their partial transparency. This magical brilliance impressively reflects the natural beauty of ice, one of the highlights of winter, a time of magic, retreat, silence and contemplation.

Chloe and Psyche love this idyllic tranquility, the retreat of nature, the burgeoning harmony of their souls, letting go and coming to terms with their own selves. On their way into the realm of the unconscious, Chloe's lover Daphnis surprisingly enters the scene and enchants her anew. Once again she dreams of his paradisiacal gardens, the delights of happiness and the spirituality of these magical places. Like a homage, she raves about the white pavilion, the mighty Tuscan column cypresses arranged in a circle, the rhythmically staggered evergreen boxwood balls, the flowery white sea of daffodils, the majestic irises from Spain, Holland and Siberia, the deep red to pink-white poppies, the heavenly primroses, the beguilingly fragrant violets and the delicate white snowdrops. Meanwhile, two Japanese divas in the garden realm perform the really big drama. The cherry blossom competes tirelessly with the majestic magnolia for the favor of the strollers. Intoxicated by all this flawless beauty, both disappear from this world. Deeply rooted, they slumber during these cold days with a feeling of deepest contentment carried by a delicate melancholy. Enveloped in a wonderfully protective layer of ice, the two henceforth enjoy their wintry retreat.


After countless weeks of introspection, both women intuitively feel the signs of change. Their senses slowly begin to anticipate the burgeoning, seismographically still almost imperceptible changes in nature. An inner restlessness seizes them, which - still almost unnoticed by most others - begins to spread purposefully.

The sensual creators sense the still untouched time shape of spring, which flashes into both of their consciousness. Together they enter the emerging space-time structure and ponder the different roles of their immeasurable creative power.

IN THE REALM OF WHITE SHADOWS - Andrea Langensiepen Stories

In addition to this wonderful seasonal change, much anticipated by many and perpetually accompanied by an indescribably fascinating botanical explosion, Psyche has for some time been observing something truly alarming - the globally burgeoning conflict of Mother Earth and the radical uprising of botanical cultures. Psyche's green heart is deeply troubled. Where is humanity headed when vital substrates are lacking, natural spaces are reduced or destroyed, and the green lungs only provide powerless air?


Her longing and love for nature mobilizes her newly refueled, incredible reserves of strength. Euphorically, she begins to sympathize with the botanical revolutionaries, considers how she can force and accompany this groundbreaking movement. She recognizes more and more clearly the vagaries of nature and the resulting ignition of the already faltering system. This lack of harmony sends her into a rage and at the same time fires her imagination. Wordily, she describes her intention to do everything she can to create a world worth living in for everyone. This emotional outburst and the unpredictable radical nature do not actually fit Psyche. Startled, yet level-headed, Chloe grasps the spherical disturbances of the archaic plant world with great clarity. She also hears a myriad of sounds and admonishing voices unknown to her. Chloe's emotional intelligence and strong self-confidence give her enormous strength in dealing with this precarious situation. Since time immemorial, this emphatic personality has encountered creation with incomparable humility, and has been enormously vigilant, mindful, and cautious of the earth. Suddenly a quiet smile flits across Chloe's pale face. She recognizes the preciousness of this magical moment, which abruptly brings the complexity of the subject to her attention.
But how should she succeed in maneuvering Psyche back into less stormy climes? How could they do something together for nature and humanity? Contribute constructively and provide incentives for solutions? In short - sowing a new meaningful seed that both ensures survival and at the same time creates an enrichment of the living space by means of art?

At the end of the first month of the year, the delicate and at the same time strong ray figures once again sink into deep contemplation. The flowery white, filigree, velvety blanket of snow envelops the female beings in barely perceptible shades of white. In the realm of white shadows, both bodies discharge staccato - the enchanting magic of the unique moment slowly begins to unfold.

The young face of the feisty Psyche, marked by flawless beauty, shines in the glittering white. Her features appear instantly relaxed after this magical moment. The previous restlessness dissolves and the planned revolt suddenly appears as a completely inadequate instrument. Instinctively, she relies on the creative power of her confidante, who knows how to move enormous things through her art, through her creation. Chloe dedicates herself since the beginning with all her works to the "fascination of art", gives all works "soul", masterfully deciphers the imponderables of nature, sees art as an everlasting dialogue. Her "pictures with soul" - born from her soul - put everything into vibrating oscillations. Movement arises. The white flees sometimes more sometimes less. Sometimes quickly, sometimes with great deliberation. The colors of nature conquer the pictorial space with all their might and create a spectacular tapestry. Deep red meets bright yellow and warm burgundy. Yellow mixes with green and brown. White coquettishly approaches gray and is tangent to rich green and black. Mint, pink, cobalt and apricot set teeny, but all the more sensational accents. The magical color chords spark in the viewer a new kind of sensuality in painting, something superficially diametrical at first glance. At the same time, they understand how to authentically convey a feeling of freedom and readiness.

Psyche has loved Chloe's art since the beginning. However, much remained hidden from her in the past, although she knew the works. Only this winter, marked by cold and ice and the uprising of botanical cultures, opens up new horizons for her and thus creates a completely new awareness of Chloe's artistic work. Psyche, vice versa, also recognizes that her commitment to nature transfers diverse impulses to Chloe's artistic work, makes an important contextual contribution, and significantly fertilizes it. Both women enjoy the peaceful winter spent together, which sparks a true artistic firework, reinterpreting and staging the divine habitat of nature. Countless pictorial episodes give rise to a holistic grand whole. The "restlessness under flower white" sees the light of day.


In the classical sense of Theodor W. Adorno, natural beauty merges here with show-like artistic beauty, becomes the quintessence of all life and urges eternity.

IN THE REALM OF WHITE SHADOWS - Andrea Langensiepen Stories
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